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Twisted Digits UK is the trading name of digital film artist Rachel Clarke. She develops projects and collaborates with artists who work as a team to turn great ideas into great work. Using a range of digital, traditional media and arts skills including film making, puppetry, illustration, animation and design she works with different audiences to provide positive and creative experiences of media and the arts. Let me introduce you to .....

Rachel Clarke manages Twisted Digits UK from the high hills of the Durham Dales. She has worked with communities, theatre companies and arts organisations throughout the North East over the last seven years after living and working in the Midlands and the North West. She works nationally and internationally on environmental and heritage arts and media projects and currently has film work on tour in Canada. Her work with digital media and young people has won her national awards. Rachel specialises in quirky animation and funny stories. She dreams of keeping pigs that share her enjoyment of exotic cheeses of the world.
Emma Boor of Wild Boor Ideas, a company creating educational and highly entertaining puppet shows, workshops and resources. She specialises in making comedy and characters and does all the lovely making of real things for shows and animations with Twisted Digits UK. Emma dreams of one day becoming a professional disco dancer, TV presenter and dating Ben Stiller.
Steve Dales of Filmstone Initiative and The Harehope Quarry Project, creates stunning short films and animations. He recently completed a Digital City Fellowship at Teesside University's Centre for Digital Innovation. His animation Mariachi Mourning is released Autumn 2008. Steve's films have been shown at international film festivals and frequently works with international film makers in the region. Steve has the enthusiasm of a teenager but sometimes his body just can't keep up. He dreams of being a very important film academic but has to learn to be able to string a sentence together first.
Louise Taylor is an award winning photographer who likes to travel on camels. Her work has taken her around the world documenting nomadic communities in Europe and Asia. She works with communities throughout the North East developing photography skills and exhibiting her stunning images from her adventures. Louise dreams of dogs and Camper Vans.
Suzy Galbraith of Dreamcatchers is a costume designer and theatre practitioner extraordinaire. She specialises in multi-cultural arts, crafts and stories from all over the world. She dreams of singing in La Scala.
Nick Mason of Real Birder is our environmental consultant and general big brain. If you have a plant or bird question you need an answer to, no matter how small, he is your man. He has spent an umimaginable amount of time in bogs and staring at the sky with binoculars working for the RSPB and the North Pennines AONB. Nick dreams of a life full of singing birds and very few people.

Twisted Digits UK
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