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Our short films combine animation, live action and storytelling. We work on commissioned short films for exhibitions, festivals, shows and educational resources. We also provide workshops with young people on areas such as storytellng through film and video, storyboarding, camera techniques, editing and post production effects. Here are some examples...

SEMI PRECIOUS is a short film about nineteenth century gold diggers and their journeys. After a two month residency in arctic Canada, Rachel Clarke directed this short film using a story about the Klondike Gold Rush and her journey to the Yukon. Semi Precious retells the parallel stories of a Weardale miner John Wilkinson's voyage and Rachel's journey into winter through animation, archives and live action. The 20 minute short film is currently being reworked for exhibitions and festivals in 2009 as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded project celebrating migration stories of Weardale.

Semi Precious Canadian blog.
Semi Precious Weardale blog.

SHIFT is a short film about the movement of the Yukon river. The film was part of the Navigator exhibition in Bishop Auckland, Dawson City International Film Festival and Planet in Focus Canadian film tour.


ALTERED is a film and exhibition working with Natural England to interpret the Moorhouse Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve. Working with the YMCA, and the UTASS Youth Group, young people will explore the changing landscape of the area and how this will be effected by climate change.

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